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Priority Property Solutions is the leader in Residential Pressure Washing services in Land O’ Lakes FL. The state-of-the-art equipment allows us to remove tough stains that homeowner’s can’t. Whenever you have these problems, we’re here to help! The grind of maintaining and cleaning a residential property is never-ending. Our service technicians can ensure high levels of cleanliness, including concrete cleaning, roof pressure cleaning, and more. Let the professionals from Priority Pressure Cleaning take care of your property in the most reliable way. The main benefit is that a clean residential property means you can create a better impression on your neighbors and acquire more satisfaction from living and a clean and good-looking property. We have the tools & technologies to bring your home and property back to new. Our services are safe, environmentally friendly and best of all, affordable for YOU!

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Why Use A Professional Company

Our highly skilled Residential Service Technicians understand the real requirements for treating and eliminating these substances. We know that it is vital to carefully remove and treat with the correct level of pressure. Too much pressure and you damage the home – too little and you don’t inject enough chemicals into the surface to kill the organic growth. Another very important piece of knowledge to have is that different surfaces, such as brick can withstand higher pressure than vinyl siding. Most of the cheap guys don’t know this and will ruin siding very quickly by applying too much pressure. Our service techs know the correct nozzle and machine settings to ensure your property is protected and cleaned thoroughly every time. Don’t risk your property to the cheapest bidder! Knowledge, correct equipment and the right attitude are never the cheapest. 

Why should i clean my home?

If you own or manage Property in Land O’ Lakes, you should inspect your property for the protentional damage from debris that accumulates on the exterior of your home. Everything from mold, mildew and algae can play a huge part in damaging your home, from paint to even causing health issues. Land O’ Lakes is in the heart of Florida, with the amount of sun and rain we get it’s very easy to grow.

What is Soft Washing?

Absolutely! Soft washing is a process of applying chemicals to siding, roofing and windows to elimate mold, algae and mildew. This is much different from Pressure Washing as Soft washing uses about 125 psi verse 5,000 psi. Soft washing uses chemicals instead of pressure to clean the mold and mildew from your home, which is much safer than using high pressure. 

What is soft washing used on?

Soft Washing is primary used on Roofing to ensure that the roof isn’t comprised and is only cleaned since Shingle roofing is primary glued on granulates. High pressure would easily break and wash away these granulates which will ended up in needing a new roof. Our Service Technicans don’t need to climb on your roof to apply the soft wash, we actually apply from the ground. 

Differences in price can be a huge factor for homeowners. But, did you know that 73% of Pressure Washing companies in the greater Land O’ Lakes area aren’t insured, licensed or have taken any formal training classes? That’s crazy! Not only does our certified, experiences tech’s have training classes each month, but they are all certified in every product we use. So when you are looking for a Land O’ Lakes Pressure Washing company, do you pay 10% less for a under-qualified, non-insured fly-by-night company, or do you pay 10% more for a company that values their clients, customers & jobs year after year? I think it’s an easy choice!

Besides Pressure Cleaning we have a variety of exterior house washing services offered to the Land O’ Lakes area.

  • No-Pressure Roof Cleaning, Mold Algae Roof Washing, and Rain Gutter Cleaning
  • Driveway Cleaning, Sidewalk Cleaning, Fence Washing, Walkway Cleaning
  • Moss Treatment, Moss Removal,
  • Paver Sealing, Driveway Sealing, Walkway Sealing,
  • Fleet Washing, Auto Dealership Cleaning, Heavy Equipment and Machinery Pressure Wash
  • We are proud to be your Top Rated Commercial Pressure Washing Pros in Land O’ Lakes FL.

  • Commercial Power Washing, Exterior Building Cleaning, Shopping Center Storefront Cleaning, Apartment Complex Washing, HOA Pressure Washing,  Restaurant Patio Cleaning, Stucco Cleaning, Fast Food Drive Thru Cleaning, Property Management Power Washing, Gas Station Pad Washing, Oil Removal, Brick Cleaning, Loading Dock Washing

About us

We’re a Veteran Owned Small Business…. what does that mean for you? We served our country, so we know what it takes to serve you. 

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Just like others we provide Pressure Washing Services – however it’s our mission to provide customer service nobody else can. That’s what really sets us apart. 

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