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Why should I seal my pavers?

Paver Sealing is a great way to increase value to your property, along with providing a protectant to those oh so expensive pavers. The Florida sun is very harsh on your pavers, causing them to bleach out and lose their color. If you are Pavers are starting to turn colors, not look as fresh and vibrant as they used to be, it might be time for a sealing. 

Priority Pressure Cleaning is one of the leading experts on Paver Sealing in the Tampa Bay Area. We service all of Pasco, Hillsborough, Citrus, Polk and Hernando counties. 

Paver Repair
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How are you different?

We don’t cut our mixtures like most companies. You are investing in your property with Paver Sealing, don’t you think you should get everything you pay for? We’re one of the few companies that will use an entire 2.5 gallon mixture on 1,000sqft, while most will only use 0.25 to half a gallon. We do this because when it comes to repelling stains, dirt, mold, mildew, weed growth and stabilization more sealant is better. 

Professional & On Time.

We aren’t just one of those quick buck companies. We take our time to ensure your job gets completed the right way, the first time. Each of our Veteran employees goes through 120+ hours of training before ever picking up a pressure washing hose. We wouldn’t want someone inexperienced on our own home, so why should you? 

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The Process.

The process for Paver Sealing is very easy for you! This is our professional process that includes a Weed & Mold Inhibitor, 3-4 coats of highly quality flood coat sealant and a 3 year warranty. 

  1. Our process typically takes 2 days with 1 day of drying time between the Pressure Cleaning & Sealing. 
  2. Pressure Washing with Weed Killer. 
  3. Weed Root Removal. 
  4. Surface Prep. 
  5. Throughout joint sanding with a specially formulated Silicon Paver sand. 
  6. Three base floodcoats of Surebond with a non-slip polymer additive. 
  7. Option 2 additional coats of Surebond based on the project needs. 
  8. Three Year warranty for Durabaility, Sealant life & sand.

See warranty statement below for more information. 

Why Choose us over DIY?

There are several great reasons on paying us over another company or doing it yourself.

While Paver Sealing chemicals are readily available, not all of them are made the same. Most Pressure Washers will use a product called Ure-Seal; which is a cut rate, watered down sealant. We only use SureBond, which is a highly concentrated and long lasting sealer. Paver Sealing truly is an Art, and isn’t something that should be done by everyone such as Lawncare. We’re one step ahead because we participate in multiple training events, manufacture feedback along with testing & development directly from the manufacture through our local distributor.

While some companies man claim to have a huge volume of work, they really don’t. When you charge $0.50-$0.60sqft, you aren’t providing quality customer service, a great product, or most importantly, a warranty. While we aren’t the ”largest” Paver sealing company in the Bay Area, we’re one of the top two for being highly rated. We’ve built Priority Property Solutions on one thing: You the customer.  

Over half of our Paver Restoration work is based around repairing jobs that home owners or unqualified contractors have done. We utilize a process of Turbo-Tip stripping without chemicals. It takes longer, but there is no dangerous chemicals being sprayed on your pavers that if incorrectly washed, can leave etching or permanent damage. This is why our Paver Stripping services are nearly triple the cost of having us  come out and do it correctly the first time. When you are getting quotes for your project, ask yourself one question: Can I afford this sealing at $0.50sqft then in a few months having Priority Property Solutions come in and strip it for $1.85/sqft then reapply it for $1.25sqft? 

On a 1,000sqft Patio, you’d pay nearly $3,600  to have it done, and then professionally redone by us. If it were me, I’d just pay $1.25sqft ($1,250) the first time. 

Ok, I understand having a company seal existing pavers, but what about new ones? 

That’s a tough question! Most Paver Installation companies will want you to seal right after they install the product. While it may seem cheap, the old saying it’s too good to be true is the case! Once pavers are installed, they need 4-5 weeks to cure the efflorescence process. This is seen as a white hazy film that can be sealed under the sealant which will force you to remove/strip the sealant and start all over. 

Another serious issue is that most home owners will go to home depot and find that Paver Sealant can be cheap if purchased from there. The problem with this sealer is it most likely is not a commercial grade sealant, which will only last for a few months instead of multiple years. There is also a specific process for prepping the surface prior to sealing. 

So with all that being said, why take the risk? Hire the always professional Priority Property Solutions and get your paver sealing done right the first time.

Our quotes are always free, no hassle and no pressure. We use Satellite imagery to make our quotes via email, which allows us to give accurate pricing. We also don’t do the bait and switch pricing, if we quote you $1,000, then it’s $1,000. Simple as that! 

Paver Sealing services are available for the following locations:

Hillsborough, Polk, Hernando, Pasco, Manatee, Citrus, Orange, Volusia, Brevard, Putnam, Flagler, Marion, Lake, Seminole & Pinellas* Counties. 

*Pinellas County requires a General Contractors license. While we have applied for our licensing through Pinellas County it has currently not been approved yet. We are currently utilizing another company based in Pinellas for these projects. The warranty for these projects is still provided by Priority Property Solutions and will be serviced by PPS once the licensing is finalized. 

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